PlayStation VR Releases October 13th, 50 Titles Announced. Tech Tomato

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We haven’t announced any plans yet for any additional platforms outside of the PC, but the way I typically answer that question is we want to get this game in the hands of as many people as possible. Obviously, we’re exclusively first on the Xbox platforms, but I think in the coming months players will see some announcements that will please them depending on their platform of choice.” Lindley said, delivering the good news for Playstation owners.

With the tape in, Beginning Hour takes a page from found footage films like VHS. You’re watching three people, the film crew of a TV show about ghost-hunting, enter the same house where you find yourself. The player then takes on the role of the camera man — you’re both watching what happened to these three, and participating. The tape is full of clues about the demo, both about what is happening to you (the you who’s watching the video), and about how to get out of the house. When the people on the tape discover a secret passage, you’re clued in to its location, as well as a way forward.

If you want to slot the cover back on the Gear VR, you can. Or not! If you want to adjust the straps so it stays snug to your head, that’s another option. And when you’ve finally got it secure on your noggin, an adjustable dial on the top of the headset allows for focusing your view (that means no changing out lenses for nearsighted and farsighted folks – just adjust the distance as needed).

The movement is very similar to Mass Effect 2 but is dusted with subtle tweaks to help the flow of gameplay. Arrows now appear over vaultable cover and the sprint function feels a lot faster and more responsive than the two previous titles. Levels are also a lot easier to navigate, meaning the excitement is never compromised by an occasional wrong-turn or misjudged sprint.

The PlayStation VR is arguably the most comfortable of all the leading current-generation HMDs, yet the resolution of the screens is a significant drop in comparison to the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. It’s a trade-off that has allowed the PlayStation VR to come to consumer audiences with a significantly lower asking price, but is still likely to disappoint the most ardent VR vr specs

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