Pure PlayStation Gets Pure Petrified With PlayStation VR Demo

PlayStation VR works with the PlayStation 4 and launches on October 13th worldwide for $399, €399 and £349.playstation vr specs vs oculus rift

Although in 2015 mobile game apps outperformed consoles by almost $ 4 billion, augmented and virtual reality games are usually played on bigger screens. However, enhanced gaming experience is not limited to monitors as such. Why use screens when we have wearables? Mark Zuckerberg who invested $ 2 million into the Oculus Rift headset believes VR is the next big thing after mobile. The gadget is scheduled for 2016 release, as well as the castAR augmented reality glasses.

Although the price hasnt dropped as significantly as we would have hoped for, the Sony Playstation 3 120GB Slim is the perfect gift for multiple children. It will keep them busy for hours. Sure, parents are second guessing themselves when it comes to kids playing video games for so long but content there are plenty of games for the Sony Playstation 3 120GB Slim that are fun, musical and educational like Guitar Hero, Soccer, Golf and other sport games. There are also appropriate games focused on very young children like Ghostbusters, Wall-E and Lego Indiana Jones just to mention a few.

PlayStation VR won’t be the first consumer VR device on the market, but Sony hopes that it will be the most accessible. It will cost $399 (a bundle including all the necessary accessories costs $499) and is compatible with all current PlayStation 4 consoles. Oculus Rift and HTC Vive VR headsets already are on the market, but cost more and require pricey gaming computers.

It doesn’t include the PlayStation Camera required to track the LED markers on the front and rear of the headset. That will set you back another £39 new. You will likely already have a DualShock 4 controller as that comes with the PS4, but if you don’t have PlayStation Move batons lying around from the PS3 days, you’ll probably want to shell out for a pair. They currently cost £24 apiece when purchased new.

The final version of the PlayStation VR headset showcased at GDC 2016 boasts pretty impressive specs, which should get prospective VR gamers excited. For one, it boasts a 5.7in 1920×1080 full-HD OLED display, equating to 960×1080 per eye. The high-quality display coupled with a 100-degree field of view and an 18ms response time should provide users with an experience indistinguishable from real life – according to the Sony CEO anyway.

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