Get Ready To Dive Into Your PS4, PlayStation VR Is Coming

Box art for the first batch of retail PlayStation VR games has appeared at certain online retailers, giving PlayStation 4 owners a preview of how Sony plans to differentiate titles for its virtual reality vr specs vs oculus rift

This weekend, the demos are limited to 30 locations total, but Sony says that number will increase to 300 stores in the US and Canada starting June 24th. To find the spot closest to you, consult this handy map You’ll want to check the dates and times carefully though, as the PS VR is available for a few hours at a time and some locations won’t have it every day.

Actually, my son did start to learn to play the electric guitar at one time. However, even though it was his idea, he gave it up because he ‘couldn’t be bothered to practice’. I’ll never know, but I wonder if he would be better at persuing things if he didn’t have the lure of so much electronic entertainment to distract him from making the effort. That’s not to say that I didn’t have any electronic entertainment at all – Pacman was really big when I was about 10 (my son thinks that is a really bad game with terrible graphics). However, it didn’t overtake life in the way that the dreaded Xbox does!

Sengoku Basara 4 Sumeragi juga akan berkolaborasi dengan T.M. Revolution dan menampilkan Tokugawa Ieyasu yang memakai kostum yang Takanori kenakan di video klip dan cover singlenya, Hot Limit”. T.M. Revolution dan Sengoku Basara sendiri sudah saling berhubungan sejak lama, di mana banyak lagu dari T.M. Revolution yang digunakan di game dan animenya, dan juga Takanori sendiri sempat mengisi suara karakter Sakai Tadatsugu di anime Sengoku Basara Judge End.

Why does the price matter? Install base. And while it’s important to Oculus, it’s also important to gamers interested in VR A bigger install base pushes developers to make more VR games or at least games that support VR. This opens the door for both HTC Vive and the Playstation VR The more gamers developers have to sell to the more likely VR will be a success instead of being left behind like stereoscopic 3D games.

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