The Good, The Bad, And The Woozy

Virtual reality has been a dream for technology gurus and consumers for over 20 years. Magazines of the early ’90s were inundated with articles about how VR is coming!” and entire movies were made on the concept. It made the mind wonder about the possibilities, and one of the first industries to really see its potential was gaming. Sega was incredibly forward-thinking in that regard and their entire Virtua line of games came about due to VR and trying to make games more immersive.

Just turned 47 and have never had a girlfriend and have never kissed a girl. All this advice is bullshit! If you haven’t had a girlfriend by the time you’re 30, your odds are less than 10% because you are what you are. Either you have what women want from a guy or you don’t and if you don’t there is nothing you can do about it. Except make the most of living alone and getting your fantasies on sex web sites.

Keep in mind, however, that these percentage increases don’t indicate the games’ exact increase in unit sales. As pointed out by industry analyst ZhugeEX on Twitter , the percentage reflects the increase in rank. By jumping up more than 1,000 spots, Red Dead Redemption has seen a 6,000%-plus increase in the sales rankings on Amazon, not a 6,000% increase in unit vr specs vs oculus

The closest step to this out of the seventh gen’s is definitely the Wii. Although all three newly released consoles (the others being Sony’s PlayStation 3 and Microsoft’s X box 360) have taken incredible leaps forward in graphics and online gaming departments, only the Wii has taken the step forward to physical interaction with the gaming environment beyond thumbing the joystick.

Humble Bundle is currently running a bundle of The Division along with other Ubisoft games such as Far Cry 3 and Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China. Buyers can pay what they want for the bundle and choose how much of their money goes to charity. Those already buying The Division on launch day can pick up some free DLC right now by entering a code at Ubisoft’s website.

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